Emily & Jake wedding day at Country Club Nashville TN

January 21, 2020

Brentwood Country Club Wedding

Emily and Jake

 How the met

Jake and Emily met when their younger brothers started hanging out after school. They were about 12-13 years old. Jake would ride with his mom every time she picked up/ dropped off our brothers – just to see Emily. They became good friends and hung out in a group of mutual friends and remained flirty friends all through high school but didn’t begin dating until college.

The Proposal
Jake proposed to Emily on top of a small rocky cliff over Coeur d’Alene lake in Idaho, on their first solo vacation visiting the West Coast. While driving from Montana to Washington they made a pit stop in Idaho to swim in the crystal-clear water they had passed by. Jake found a park called Tubbs Hill, where he got down on one knee overlooking the sparkling sunny water and asked Emily to marry him.

Their Big Day

When helping Emily and Jake with their wedding day timeline, it was apparent that they was not going to be a lot of time to do pictures after the ceremony, and pictures were the most important thing to them ( besides marrying each other of course) so they opted to do their first look, by the beautiful weeping willow trees. Family and close friends watched with tears in their eyes.


Emily and Jake chose to have their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Brentwood Country Club, located in Brentwood TN, utilizing their outdoor ceremony location. They included their grandparents in their ceremony, handing out roses to their grandmas, so thoughtful and an expression of how much family means to them. They sealed their marriage with a kiss, that lasted which seemed like 5 minutes!


Emily and Jake danced their first dance while her brother surprised her by playing the guitar, family, is everything she said, and that was certainly apparent though out their day! The sun was setting so we quickly headed out a few sunset pictures.

Thank you, Emily and Jake, for including us in your beautiful day and best wishes always!
PS. Did you notice Emily’s something blue? Wow killer shoes!!!