January 21, 2020

Stacey & Chris Wedding Day Nashville TN Wedding Photographer


Stacey & Chris

How they met
Chris and Stacey met in 4th grade and were in the same class. Stacey had a crush on him and thought his mushroom haircut was so dreamy. In the 6th grade they became boyfriend / girlfriend for a whole week! They then continued just as friends throughout school but not close and eventually they lost touch after high school. One day five years later, Chris messaged Stacey randomly on Facebook and they started talking again. Chris was very persistent and after like 6 months of talking they officially started dating.

The Proposal
Fast forward 2 years, while on vacation in Smyrna Florida, Chris proposed to Stacey on the balcony of their beachfront condo at sunset. He said he had never been so nervous in his life, and held his breath waiting for her reply of “yes “

Their Big Day
Stacey along with her mom, Chris’s Mom, her sister, and her bridesmaid all got ready at a beautiful bed and breakfast located just outside of Nashville, Tn. While Chris and his guys got ready on their parent’s farm located in Franklin Tennessee , They originally wanted to do their whole wedding and ceremony on the farm, but ran into some bumps, so opted to do their first look at the farm as well as a majority of pictures, before heading over to the venue.

The farm could not have been more perfect for photos! We started with the intimate first look with the family barn in the background, and continued walking around the 4 acres, stopping every 2 minutes as we captured these amazing photos.

Stacey and Chris exchanged their vows, rings, and first kiss with all their family and friends cheering. OH! I almost forgot Stacey wrote in her vows in sickness and health, but not mushroom haircuts. We all laughed!

Wow, I have never captured a bigger party, and this was by far one of the most epic wedding receptions ever. The DJ played “Ice Ice baby” as they “iced “each other. First time I have seen that! Not sure what it is? Google it its blast! My second photographer Amanda and I had so much fun capturing their day and wish Stacey and Chris the best!